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Mechanicsburg, PA — Sunbury Press, the trade publisher based in Pennsylvania, has released its list of top selling novels of all time:

  1. The Closer by Alan Mindell — R. A. Dickey was the first knuckleball pitcher to ever win a coveted Cy Young Award–despite spending most of his career in the minor leagues.  Terry Landers, also a knuckleballer, is Dickey`s fictional counterpart in The Closer.  The main difference, aside from winning the Cy Young, is that at age thirty-three, Terry has never played in the majors. Once he finally gets his chance, what follows is the heartwarming story of his impact both on the pitching mound and with a family in distress. “The Closer is an Award Winning book. Written with extraordinary compassion and deep attunement to the human psyche, Alan deftly defines the keys to a positive mind and winning the Game of Life. A book that is sure to change minds. Alan outlines the secrets to success pertinent in the life of each and every reader. Everyone wants to be a winner. From ‘Loser’ to ‘Closer’ – don’t put it down until you’ve reached the end!” — online reviewer.
  2. the 100th human by Chris Fenwick — December 2012 – The final day of the 5000 year old Mayan calendar nears. The world is in turmoil – as wars and international tensions continue. People everywhere seem lost in the complications of day to day struggles – poverty – misfortune – anger and greed. A small team of scientists have uncovered a riddle concerning this “End of Days”. As they reveal the symbolic meaning of the riddle, their serendipitous mission is discovered by the Ancient Fraternity of the Veni Victus – determined to thwart such revelations. These two powers – of good and evil – converge. Only the spirits of the ancients know the outcome. The 100th Human is a spiritual quest delving deeply into matters of physics, metaphysics, evolution and the human condition. Join Jack, Apu and Alana as they race against time searching for those who can assist in revealing the mystery of the ancient symbols – before time literally runs out. (THIS TITLE IS OUT OF PRINT)
  3. Winter of the Metal People by Dennis Herrick — The Untold Story of America’s First Indian War. The first named war between the Europeans and the Native Americans was the nearly forgotten Tiguex War, which Spaniards and their Mexican Indian allies fought in 1540-42 against the Pueblo Indians along the Rio Grande, between present-day Albuquerque and Santa Fe in New Mexico. This historical novel “Winter of the Metal People” presents the first account of the war written from the Puebloan point of view. It follows a young Pueblo warrior who reluctantly takes leadership of his people in a time of crisis, overcoming self-doubt to lead Puebloans in successful guerilla warfare against the Spaniards. Praise for Winter of the Metal People and author Dennis Herrick: “A riveting historical novel of immense scholarship and insight. Dennis Herrick makes the story of the first American Indians in the West to face the military might of European forces as vivid and real as if Coronado’s expedition had ridden out of Mexico yesterday. Winter of the Metal People will forever influence your perception of the stunning landscapes and rich cultures of the Southwest.”—Margaret Coel, author of Killing Custer
  4. The Sign of the Eagle by Jess Steven Hughes — This breathtaking historical novel of action and suspense is set in the year 71 A.D. amid the exotic and vibrant streets of Ancient Rome. Macha, the strong-willed daughter of a legendary Celtic British king and wife of the Roman tribune, Titus, is the only one who can prove her husband innocent of treason, solve the murders of two slaves who possessed information that could have exonerated Titus, and ultimately save the life of the Roman Emperor Vespasian. Vivacious and iron-willed, Macha undertakes a dangerous journey and fight for her life to evade assassins through the city’s treacherous back alleys, notorious bath houses, and the awe-inspiring palaces of the Roman elite. With time running out to save her husband and the emperor from certain death, Macha can count on only two allies, the esteemed Senator Bassus-a family friend-and her faithful slave, a resolute and clever Moorish woman, Shafer. Arrayed against Macha and Titus are the wealthy and wicked Pollia, once scorned as a bride by Titus, and Falco, a military tribune and womanizer, who offers to be Macha’s protector once Titus is condemned and executed. Join Macha in her quest to exonerate her husband…and discover the real threat against the Emperor…
  5. The Cursed Man by Keith Rommel — WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF DEATH FELL IN LOVE WITH YOU? Alister Kunkle believes death is in love with him.  A simple smile from friend or stranger is all it takes to encourage death to kill. With his family deceased and a path of destruction behind him, Alister sits inside a mental institution, sworn to silence and separated from the rest of the world, haunted by his inability to escape death’s preferential treatment. But when a beautiful psychologist arrives at the institution and starts offering him care, Alister braces himself for more killings. When none follow, he tries to figure out whether he truly is insane or if death has finally come to him in the form of a woman.   COMING SOON AS A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE.

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MECHANICSBURG, Pa. — Sunbury Press has released the bestsellers list for May. James Campbell’s aid to pastors handling the elderly, What Do You Say? earned the top spot. Winter of the Metal People by Dennis Herrick was second.

SUNBURY PRESS – Bestsellers for May, 2016 (by Revenue)
Rank Last Month Title Author Category
1 NEW What Do You Say? James Campbell Pastoral Resources
2 20 Winter of the Metal People Dennis Herrick Historical Fiction
3 3 Choice of Enemies M A Richards Spy Thriller
4 5 Israel Under Siege Scot McCauley Espionage Fiction
5 The Oxygen Factory Renee des Lauriers YA Dystopian Fiction
6 12 The B Team Alan Mindell Sports Fiction
7 Blue Lines Up In Arms James Craig Atchison Thriller Fiction
8 4 Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last, 2nd Ed. Mike Campbell History
9 6 Where Elephants Fought Bridget Smith Historical Fiction
10 The Penns’ Manor of Spread Eagle and the Grist Mills of the Mahantango Valley Steve Troutman History
11 Call Sign Dracula Joe Fair Vietnam Memoir
12 14 Between Good and Evil R Michael Phillips Detective Thriller
13 NEW The Mask of Minos Robert Walton Thriller Fiction
14 Rising Sun Descending Wade Fowler Historical Fiction
15 Pit Bulls Anthony Julian History
16 Keystone Tombstones Civil War Joe Farrell, Joe Farley & Lawrence Knorr History
17 Keep It Blue Haley Dean Literary Fiction
18 Ionica Catalina Petcov Memoir
19 11 Freemasons at Gettysburg Sheldon Munn History
20 7 The Closer Alan Mindell Sports Fiction
21 Going Home Sharon Marchisello Thriller Fiction
22 GXM731 Terry Ray Science Fiction
23 30 That Night at Surigao Ernie Marshall History
24 9 The Ripper’s Haunts Michael Hawley History
25 Seeking Samiel Catherine Jordan Thriller Fiction
26 13 A Moment in the Sun Tory Gates YA Fiction
27 NEW Death by Internet Joe Carvalko Speculative Fiction
28 Pink Flamingos All Around Matt Anderson Childrens
29 The Bookseller’s Secret Catherine Jordan Thriller Fiction
30 The Devil Tree Keith Rommel Thriller Fiction

wdys_fcJames Campbell’s “What Do You Say?” returned to print for the first time in 25 years and took the top spot thanks to author activities. “Winter of the Metal People” by Dennis Herrick climbed to #2 due to a large order from a school district in New Mexico. M A Richards’ spy thriller “A Choice of Enemies” held at #3 due to the author’s tour of bookstores in the northeast. Admiral McCauley’s international thriller “Israel Under Siege” notched up to #4 thanks to bookstore orders. “The Oxygen Factory,” the YA dystopian novel from Renee des Lauriers returned to the rankings at #5 due to author activities. Alan Mindell’s “The B Team” took #6 and “The Closer” #20 thanks to author appearances in southern California. James Craig Atchison’s “Blue Lines Up In Arms” returned to the rankings at #7 as the author appeared at Pennsylvania bookstores. Mike Campbell’s “Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last” continues to sell well at #8 as readers acquire this second edition. Bridget Smith’s historical fiction “Where Elephants Fought,” about a Confederate general, clocked in at #9 as the author continued her speaking rounds. Steve Troutman grabbed #10 with “The Penns’ Manor of Spread Eagle and the Grist Mills of the Mahantongo Valley.” Steve continues to make appearances upstate. Joe Fair’s Viet Nam memoir “Call Sign Dracula” continues to sell well among the veterans, ranking #11. R Michael Philips’ “Between Good and Evil” inched up to #12 as he continues to make author appearances in the Philadelphia area. Bob Walton’s “The Mask of Minos” debuted at #13 thanks to author activities. Wade Fowler’s “Rising Sun Descending” charted at #14 in advance of Jubilee Day in Mechanicsburg. Anthony Julian’s “Pit Bulls” returned to the chart at #15 as interest in the breed continues to be strong. “Keystone Tombstones Civil War” by Joe Farrell, Joe Farley, and Lawrence Knorr slotted in at #16 thanks to author activities. Haley Dean’s “Kepp It Blue” charted at #17 in advance of Jubilee Day. Catalina Petcov’s “Ionica” ranked #18 in advance of her author event in Lebanon, PA. Sheldon Munn’s “Freemasons at Gettysburg” held at #19 thanks to orders from gift shops in Gettysburg. Sharon Marchisello’s “Going Home” grabbed #21 in advance of Jubillee Day. “GXM731” by wotmp_fc3Terry Ray benefitted from orders from MUFON, taking #22. Ernie Marshall’s “That Night at Surigao” moved up to #23 due to continued interest in the subject matter. Michael Hawley’s “The Ripper’s Haunts” slipped to #24 but continues to get interest from Ripper fans. Catherine Jordan took #25 and #29 with “Seeking Samiel” and its sequel “The Bookseller’s Secret.” Catherine made appearances in the Harrisburg area. Tory Gates continues to promote his book “A Moment in the Sun,” and ranked #26. Joe Carvalko’s “Death by Internet” slotted in at #27 due to author activities. Matt Anderson’s “Pink Flamingos All Around” returned to the chart at #28. Keith Rommel’s promotinal activities pulled “The Devil Tree” onto the chart at #30.

The company released three new titles in May:

SUNBURY PRESS – New Releases for May, 2016
The 10 Second Shift Bill Foley Self-Help
Dead Kill 2: The Ridge of Change Thomas Malafarina Thriller Fiction
Wonder Boy – The Story of Carl Scheib Lawrence Knorr Sports Biography

For more info: http://www.sunburypressstore.com/BESTSELLERS_c3.htm

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Winter of the Metal People

By   (from the review by John Kachuba http://historicalnovelsociety.org/reviews/winter-of-the-metal-people/)

Despite the fact that so many public buildings, parks, and monuments throughout what is today America’s Southwest bear the name “Coronado,” Francisco Vásquez de Coronado’s 1540 expedition into that area was anything but successful. Searching for the fabled Seven Cities of Gold as far east as modern-day Kansas, Coronado’s expedition of Spanish conquistadores and their Aztec allies ran into the Puebloan tribes. Although the Spanish government had policies demanding the humane treatment of Indians throughout New Spain, Coronado’s foundering expedition treated the Puebloans ruthlessly in order to obtain food, clothing, and shelter. As a result, Coronado’s men became embroiled in a two-year-long war that eventually ended with the Spanish withdrawal back into Mexico; it would be almost fifty years before they returned.

Herrick fully enters the minds of his historical Spanish and Puebloan characters, showing the cultural and religious differences between the two cultures that would inevitably lead to the first Indian war. There is a saying that history belongs to the victors, so while much of the Spanish story is based upon historical written documents, the author had to imagine the Puebloans’ story. But his research is well founded, and what results is a balanced novel that expresses the worldviews of both sides and relates it in an exciting and interesting manner. This novel is highly recommended for those interested in the history of the American southwest and its native peoples.






(US) $16.95

(US) 9781620062371




Appeared in

Reviewed by

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MECHANICSBURG, Pa. — “Five Drops of Estrogen: A man’s tribute to womanhood and the undying power of humility, selflessness and sacrifice,” Nirmal Joshi’s book about the lives of five extraordinary women in his family,  was #1 for the second month in a row thanks to author events.  Dennis Herrick’s “Winter of the Metal People,” a novel about the Tiguex War between the Spanish and the Pueblo Indians in New Mexico, ranked #2 due to regional sales in New Mexico.

Sunbury Press’s year-to-date sales for 2013 are up 21% over 2012. EBook sales are up 13% over the year-to-date prior, lagging the growth in print sales. Sales for the quarter were even with 3rd quarter sales in 2012 as the company reported significant returns from book stores in August. Regarding the monthly performance, it was the best September ever for Sunbury.

fdoe_fcSusan Dahlgren Daigneault’s “In the Shadow of a Mountain,” a memoir about her WW2 hero father Ed Dahlgren “The Sergeant York of Maine,” reappeared in the top 10 at #3, thanks to interest in New England.

T. Anderson’s “Stella Nova,” the second installment in the Stella Steinar series, debuted at #4 thanks to author activities.

The Joe’s — Farrell and Farley — took the 5th spot with “Keystone Tombstones Civil War” thanks to interest in the Gettysburg 150th anniversary, sales at the Gettysburg Visitors Center and author events.

John Lindermuth’s “Digging Dusky Diamonds,” a history of life in the Pennsylvania Coal Region, joined the list at #6 thanks to regional interest.

A. Gimbernat’s “The Lust for Reverance,” a scientific work connecting genetics to our desire to worship, ranked 7th, due to sales in France.

“The Trevorton, Mahanoy and Susquehanna Railroad,” Steve Troutma’s history of this defunct line, took the 8th spot thanks to author activities.

“Hour 30,” Dr. Brandon Musgrave’s medical school memoir, ranked 9th due to author events and eBook sales.

Mike Campbell’s “Amelia Earhart – The Truth At Last” dropped several notches, taking #10 on the list, thanks to continued steady sales to truth-seekers.

Following are the top overall print sellers by category:

History / Memoir – “Five Drops of Estrogen” by Nirmal Joshi
Fiction  – “Winter of the Metal People” by Dennis Herrick
Horror/Mystery – “The Weeping Woman” by Patricia Santos Marcantonio
Children/YA – “The Mouse with the Broken Tail” by Dan Shutters
The Arts – “Contemporary Photo Impressionists” by T K McCoy
Self-Help – “Raising Monarchs” by Sue Fox McGovern
Metaphysical/Spiritual – “Messages from Beyond” by Michele Livingston
Reference – “Linnea’s Kitchen: Yummy Ayurvedic Recipes and Life Lessons” by Linnea Jepson

The company released four new titles during the month of September:
“Digging Dusky Diamonds” by John Lindermuth
“The Old Songs” by Fred Burton
“Letters from a Shoebox” by Jim Dohren
“Stella Nova” by T Anderson

For a list of Sunbury’s all-time best-sellers, please see the Sunbury Press web site:

For a complete list of recent and upcoming releases, please see:

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