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LOS ANGELES — Sunbury Press has released Irish Spring, Jack Adler’s third installment in the Derry Greene thriller series.

is_fcIrish Spring is a contemporary action/adventure novel in which a new terrorist group–the Council For Restored Nations-seeks to forcibly revise international borders along ethnic/linguistic/religious lines. They start their campaign in Ireland by using an American tour group as deadly props to achieve their goals. But their plan is resisted by Irish security, compromised by the IRA, and challenged by Derry Greene, the investigator for Tramerica, the American tour operator. Greene is sent to Ireland to clear the company of responsibility for charges of any acts of terrorism and to resolve whether any member of the tour group is working with the mysterious Council.

Greene teams up with Gail Foley, an attractive female Irish security agent, as the tour continues its itinerary despite the assassination of a secret American agent embedded in the group and bombs planted at sightseeing attractions. In the process, Greene and Foley act to determine, in their own way, the mounting suspicions about some tour members. But then the IRA, which came in for blame for lethal incidents during the ongoing tour, acts to clear itself.

Derry and Foley become attracted to each other during this event-filled journey in which they are kidnapped, subjected to humiliating sexual situations, and ultimately forced to make statements supporting the Council.

I was reading a paperback mystery in my window seat, high above the Atlantic Ocean, when a slim blue-suited stewardess bent forward and said in a low tone, “Mr. Greene, the captain would like to see you. There’s a message for you.”

My one seatmate, a middle-aged man who had been engrossed with spreadsheets on his laptop computer, gave me a look of curiosity as I excused myself to get into the aisle.

We were bound for Shannon Airport in Ireland. Eighteen of the passengers on the fully booked flight were members of a seven-day tour to Ireland. I wasn’t an official escort, but every once in a while I went along on a tour as part of my job with Tramerica as a special public relations executive and general troubleshooter. I hadn’t been to Ireland in a long time and I was sure the country had changed a good deal, economically and culturally, and the two often dovetailed. Tramerica, as one of the largest tour operators in the U.S. if not the world, offered tours to just about every region of the world including Antarctica.

Many of the passengers we saw as we threaded our way through the tourist class into first class were dozing, chatting, and reading. Hardly anyone glanced at me. Company policy dictated that I travel in tourist class just like other people in the tour. Clear blue and cloudless skies appeared brokenly as I passed windows.

The stewardess knocked on the cockpit door, which was locked for security reasons. I was let in with the stewardess returning to her post near the galley. The door was secured again from the inside of the cockpit after she left.

“We received this message from your company,” the captain, a burly man with a heavy sheaf of grayish hair, said in a gravelly tone. His co-captain, a younger man with blacker hair, gave me a quick glance. I had been in cockpits before, but I was always impressed with the array of instruments staring at me like misshapen metal eyes. What I wasn’t used to seeing, and the sight was ominous, was a revolver lying within easy reach next to the co-captain.

I read the message that came from Tramerica: “Member of tour group may be involved with terrorists. Bomb a possibility. Follow captain’s instructions. Be alert but don’t alarm passengers.”

Jack Adler is a writer/journalist/teacher based in Los Angeles.

He has had numerous nonfiction and fiction books published. He’s also had plays produced, one published, and has received a grant from the Yaddo Foundation. He teaches various writing courses at UCLA Extension and online for the Writer’s Digest University.

When not researching material, and writing, he likes to create collages. He often pretends to speak Finnish with Barbro, his Helsinki-born wife, or take an easier option by playing with their dog, Chewie. You can see more about him on  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Amazon Books.

Irish Spring
Authored by Jack Adler
List Price: $16.95
5.5″ x 8.5″ (13.97 x 21.59 cm)
Black & White on White paper
252 pages
Sunbury Press, Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-1620066386
ISBN-10: 1620066386
BISAC: Fiction / Espionage

Also available on Kindle

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