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HERSHEY, Pa.Sunbury Press has released the bestsellers list for March, 2015. Heather Paterno’s art-filled tribute to Hershey, H Is for Hershey, took the top spot, followed by Joe Farrell and Joe Farley’s soon-to-be-released The Best of Keystone Tombstones.The Fossils of Blackberry Hill, by Kenneth Gass, claimed the third spot.

SUNBURY PRESS – Bestsellers for March, 2015 (by Revenue)
Rank Last Month Title Author Category
1 New H Is for Hershey Heather Paterno Childrens
2 New The Best of Keystone Tombstones Farrell and Farley Biography
3 New The Fossils of Blackberry Hill Kenneth Gass Paleontology
4 13 OneWay McClellan and Marks Visionary Fiction
5 New Rising Sun Descending Wade Fowler Thriller Fiction
6 4 The Closer Alan Mindell Literary Fiction
7 8 The Death Machine Charles Godfrey Historical Fiction
8 17 The Complete Story of the Worldwide Invasion of the Orange Orbs Terry Ray Paranormal
9 27 The Sign of the Eagle Jess Steven Hughes Historical Fiction
10 Emeralds of the Alhambra John Cressler Historical Fiction
11 Dead of Autumn Sherry Knowlton Thriller Fiction
12 Winter of the Metal People Dennis Herrick Historical Fiction
13 New Charlie Caw Paul Argentini YA Fiction
14 New Blood Moon S J Vermillion Thriller Fiction
15 The Trevorton, Mahanoy, and Susquehanna Railroad … Steve Troutman History
16 15 Call Sign Dracula Joe Fair War Memoir
17 16 Shadows in the Shining City John Cressler Historical Fiction
18 21 Pit Bulls Anthony Julian History
19 Dinorific Poetry 3 Mike & Ethan Sgrignoli Childrens
20 Dinorific Poetry 2 Mike & Ethan Sgrignoli Childrens
21 Dinorific Poetry 1 Mike & Ethan Sgrignoli Childrens
22 5 Head Over Wheels Ken Mercurio Medical Memoir
23 New Capital Murder Chris Papst Investigation
24 19 Jesus the Phoenician Karim El Koussa Religious History
25 The Wolf of Britannia, Part I Jess Steven Hughes Historical Fiction
26 26 Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last Mike Campbell History
27 6 The Devil’s Grasp Pisano and Koscienski Dark Fantasy
28 New Keystone Tombstones Pittsburgh Region Farrell and Farley Biography
29 20 The Bronze Dagger Marie Sontag YA Fiction
30 That Night at Surigao M Ernest Marshall History

hifh_fcSunbury Press had its best month ever in March, and its best quarter ever. Sales for the quarter were up over 60% from last year, and 44% from March of last year. Hardcover books continue to outpace all formats, taking a 42% share for the quarter. EBooks have now slipped to less than 4% of sales. Trade paperbacks remain steady.

Heather Paterno’s H Is for Hershey grabbed the top spot thanks to advance sales for her appearance at the Hershey-Derry Historical Society. Joe Farrell and Joe Farley’s The Best of Keystone Tombstones grabbed 2nd place due to advance sales for their upcoming book release party. The duo’s Pittsburgh Region book placed 28th from author activity. The Fossils of Blackberry Hill by Kenneth Gass is another hardcover book in the top three thanks to advance sales. Robin and Deborah McClellan’s OneWay surged to #4 thanks to the author’s event at the Sunbury Press store. Wade Fowler’s Rising Sun Descending grabbed the 5th spot as he prepped for his appearances. Alan Mindell’s The Closer slipped a bit to #6, but continues to sell steadily. Charles Godfrey’s recent release The Death Machine inched up to #7 thanks to author acitivities. Terry Ray’s Invasion of the Orange Orbs ratcheted up to #8 this month thanks to sales at the MUFON ArcStar bookstore. The Sign of the Eagle, the long-running bestseller from Jess Steven Hughes listed at #9, and the first volume of its prequel, The Wolf of Britannia Volume 1, made the list at #25. John Cressler’s Emeralds of the Alhambra returned to the rankings at #10 along with it’s sequel Shadows in the Shining City (at #17). Sherry Knowlton’s Dead of Autumn grabbed #11. Dennis Herrick’s steadily-selling Winter of the Metal ktbest_fcPeople was at #12. Paul Argentini’s young adult novel Charlie Caw grabbed lucky #13 thanks to advance sales. Blood Moon by S J Vermillion was #14 due to online sales upon release of the novel.  Steve Troutman’s The Trevorton, Mahanoy and Susquehanna Railroad was back on the list at #15 because of author appearances. Joe Fair’s Call Sign Dracula inched down a bit to #16, but is still popular among Vietnam vets. Anthony Julian’s Pit Bulls continues to sell steadily at #18. Mike & Ethan Sgrignoli’s Dinorific Poetry Volumes 1, 2, and 3 took consecutive spots #19, 20, and 21 thanks to author activities. Ken Mercurio’s Head Over Wheels held on at #22, still supported by cycling enthusiasts. Investigative reporter Chris Papst’s debut expose Capital Murder ranked #23 after it’s upcoming release was announced. Karim El Koussa’s Jesus the Phoenician maintained a spot in the ranking thanks to Easter sales of the hardcover edition. Mike Campbell’s Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last remained at #26 due to continued interest in the search for the lost aviatrix. Chris Pisano and Brian Koscienski’s The Devil’s Grasp slipped to #27 following convention exposure. Marie Sontag’s The Bronze Dagger held on to #29 thanks to online sales. That Night at Surigao by M. Ernest Marshall rounded out the top 30.

The company released seven new titles during the month of March.

SUNBURY PRESS – New Releases for March, 2015
Keep It Blue Haley Dean Literary Fiction
H Is for Hershey Heather Paterno Childrens
Rising Sun Descending Wade Fowler Thriller Fiction
Jesus the Phoenician (hardcover) Karim El Koussa Religious History
Rising Hope Marie Sontag Historical Fiction
Keystone Tombstones Pittsburgh Region Farrell and Farley Biography
Blood Moon S J Vermillion Thriller Fiction

For a list of Sunbury’s best-sellers, please see the Sunbury Press web site:
For a complete list of recent and upcoming releases, please see:

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HARRISBURG, Pa.Sunbury Press has released Lawrence von Knorr’s catalog of the paintings of Fritz VondeHeiden entitled Modern Realism According to Fritz: The Oil Paintings of Fritz VonderHeiden.

mraf_fcAbout the Book:
No one has painted urban Harrisburg as often as Fritz VonderHeiden (b. 1934). His style, developed over many decades, calls to mind Edward Hopper, but in a reductionist, minimalist way. His best urban works feel sterile and monolithic, emphasizing the geometry of road, architecture and the natural world in a compelling composition of curves, color, and structure. They exemplify the energy of the 20th Century, harkening back with Art Deco elements.

Fritz did not always paint this way. His earlier works – and some of his award-winning paintings – are more detailed, calling to mind Winslow Homer and John Singer Sargent. His range of subjects is also varied, from the urban settings mentioned to country landscapes, lighthouses, portraits, still lifes and even surreal imaginings.

Office Space, 1996

Office Space, 1996

This book contains images of 127 of Fritz’s paintings in all of his categories: Scenes of Harrisburg, Scenes of the Greater Harrisburg Area, Portraits, Groups, and Figures, Landscapes and Lighthouses, and Still Lifes and Wildlife. All help celebrate the long career of this prolific painter, capturing his mastery of 20th Century Modern Realism.

About the Editor:
Lawrence von Knorr is a native of Pennsylvania who is one of the pioneers in “Digital Impressionism” or “Photo Impressionism”, utilizing computer software to enhance photography to produce painterly creations. His work includes landscapes, architectural, portrait and still-life subjects.

South on Susquehanna Street, 1998

South on Susquehanna Street, 1998

Lawrence received a 35mm camera as a gift at age 13, and has been photographing ever since. Professionally, he has worked in the information systems field, providing numerous opportunities to travel extensively. In recent years, the love of photography and experience in computer software merged into an interest in digital fine art.

Von Knorr began exhibiting in the Harrisburg, PA area in 2006. His first New York Exhibition was in 2008. He lives in the Harrisburg area with his wife Tammi.

An exhibition of Fritz VonderHeiden’s work is being held at the 2nd Floor Gallery at 105 S Market St, Mechanicsburg, PA, 17055, for the month of October. A book signing will be held there on Saturday October 18, 2014, from 6 PM to 9 PM. Please contact the gallery for more information: (717) 697-0502.

Skaters, 2009

Skaters, 2009

Modern Realism According to Fritz: The Oil Paintings of Fritz VonderHeiden
Edited by Lawrence von Knorr
List Price: $29.95
8.5″ x 11″ (21.59 x 27.94 cm)
Color on White paper
64 pages, hardcover
Sunbury Press, Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-1620064504
BISAC: Art / Artists / Painters / American

For more information, please see:

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