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CINCINNATI — Sunbury Press has released Lady Moguls: A History of Women Who Have Owned Major League Baseball Teams, by William A. Cook.

lm_fcWomen have been part of the tradition and lore of the game of baseball for over the past one hundred and fifty years. The first organized women’s team in the United States was started at Vassar College in 1866. Endless stories abound about women’s participation in the grand old game in almost every capacity and have been well documented over the years in many published books. However this book is about an exclusive group of women in baseball history, some of them are well known, but most are not. These are women who have experienced the game from the very top as major league team owners and co-owners.

The history of women who have owned major league teams is more than a mere curiosity; their collective stories form an anthology of struggle in a male dominated bastion for acceptance and recognition as entrepreneurs and sports-minded individuals who understand the tradition of the game of baseball and it’s ingrained connection to American culture.

St. Louis Cardinals owner Helen Britton , c. 1913-15

St. Louis Cardinals owner Helen Britton , c. 1913-15

It all began in 1911 when Helene Hathaway Robison Britton inherited the St. Louis Cardinals and the saga continued through the ensuing decades of the twentieth century with various women gaining control of major league teams through subsequent inheritances. Then in 1985 a watershed event occurred for women in major league baseball. Marge Schott gained majority control of the Cincinnati Reds, joining Jean Yawkey of the Boston Red Sox and Joan Kroc of the San Diego Padres thereby bringing the number of women to three who owned major league teams at that time.

Joan Payson throwing out first pitch.

Joan Payson throwing out first pitch.

While most of the woman who have owned major league teams gained control through inheritances, a few such as Joan Payson of the New York Mets and Marge Schott of the Cincinnati Reds, both of whom had strong independent interests in the game, gained majority control of their team with their own finances. A more recent co-owner who bought a considerable share of the Colorado Rockies with her own money is Linda Alvarado.

The degree to which the lady moguls have taken an active role in running their ball clubs is varied. Some such as Eleanor Hempstead who inherited the New York Giants chose to turn the reigns of leadership over to her husband. Others such Grace Comiskey of the Chicago White Sox and Florence Dreyfuss of the Pittsburgh Pirates, while not day-to-day hands-on owners were often involved with major decisions affecting their ball clubs. Marge Schott while very controversial was decidedly hands-on.

Effa Manley owner of the Newark Eagles

Effa Manley owner of the Newark Eagles

Also included in this work are stories of women team owners of color. Today, Negro League players are enshrined in the National Baseball Hall of Fame and statistics of the leagues’ most talented players appear in The Baseball Encyclopedia. Therefore to bridge the gap between the period of exclusion in major league baseball of players and owners of color and today’s game, I have included in this work, two women who were involved with ownership and administration of Negro Leagues teams; Olivia Taylor of the Indianapolis ABC’s and Effa Manley of the Newark Eagles. In fact in 2006, Effa Manley became the first women elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Collectively these remarkable women have added colorful, enriching and sometimes controversial experiences to the history of major league baseball. It is my hope that their legacy will continue to expand and to inspire women to make further inroads into both ownership and management of big league teams.

• Helene Hathaway Robison Britton – St. Louis Cardinals
• Effa Manley – Newark Eagles
• Grace Reidy Comiskey – Chicago White Sox
• Joan W. Payson – New York Mets
• Jean R. Yawkey – Boston Red Sox
• Marge Schott – Cincinnati Reds
• Joan B. Kroc – San Diego Padres
• Other Notable Lady MLB Owners and Co-owners
• Notes
• Bibliography

Lady Moguls: A History of Women Who Have Owned Major League Baseball Teams
Authored by William A Cook
List Price: $16.95
5.5″ x 8.5″ (13.97 x 21.59 cm)
Black & White on White paper
228 pages
Sunbury Press, Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-1620066362
ISBN-10: 162006636X
BISAC: Sports & Recreation / Baseball / History

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JONESBORO, Ark. — Sunbury Press has released White River Monster, Keith Rommel’s novel about the mysterious cryptozoological creature in Arkansas.

wrm_fcThe White River Monster has eluded people for over a century. Manhunts were brought to a fever pitch in Newport, Arkansas, where people were anxious to prove the existence of the river monster. But, it went unfounded.

For years, sightings were reported up and down the White River, but no physical evidence ever came forth. Soon the monster faded into obscurity and was dismissed as a legend never to be solved … that is until now!

Thriller writer Keith Rommel brings this cryptozoological mystery to life — in a classic tale of drippy, slimy, and deadly horror!

The taxi rumbled down a dirt road and jostled David Alan around in the back seat. He looked out the side window and for the past mile or two all he could see was a forest on either side of the vehicle and thick vegetation that made it seem impassible.

He was just about to question his driver he knew as Johnny where the river was when he said, “If you look out the left side, you’re going to see the river any second,” Johnny said. The man was so big, his body wobbled instead of bounced and the steering wheel rubbed his belly. The man with the thick southern accent had been nice enough during the long trip through winding back roads that had small hills and steep dips to see the White River. Sure enough, when he looked, he could see the fast moving river and white caps. Excitement made his chest flutter.

David stared in awe over the river and as fast as it came into sight, it disappeared behind another cluster of trees. He leaned back and held onto a smile. He was finally here. After enduring over 1,200 miles and 19 hours to get to the White River in Arkansas, he was aching to see what he travelled all this way for.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Johnny asked.

“Yeah, I’m sure,” David said. “I didn’t travel all this way to turn around now.”

“I suggest turning around,” Johnny said and stared at David in the rearview mirror. David noticed him.

“Why is that?”

“Well, it would be for the same reason why I told you when I first picked you up. You’re going to be alone in pitch black and it’s freezing out there. If you happen to stumble on this monster you’re seeking, he might not be nice.”

“Alleged monster,” David said. “I thank you for your concern, but I’m sure I’ll be alright. I packed plenty of gear. At the very least, it’s enough to last me two or three days.”

“OK,” Johnny said and pulled the cab to the side of the dirt road. “You refuse to listen and now I held up my end of the bargain. We’re here.”

David looked around and could only see forest. He kicked open the back door and could hear the sounds of the rapids. The trunk popped open and David retrieved his backpack and put it on. He slammed down the trunk to make sure it closed and he went to the driver’s side door. Johnny rolled down the window.

“I wish you luck.”

Keith is an award winning author and screen writer. His writing has been called, “Horror for the curious mind.”

The Cursed Man (book 1) – Soon to be a Major Motion Picture
The Lurking Man (book 2)
The Sinful Man (book 3)
The Silent Woman (book 4)

The Devil Tree (based off of the Florida legend)
The Devil Tree II: The Calling (based off of the Florida legend)
White River Monster

You Killed My Brother

Among The People.

Keith is the co screenplay writer for The Cursed Man movie and is the screenwriter and producer of The Lurking Man movie.

White River Monster
Authored by Keith Rommel
List Price: $14.95
5″ x 8″ (12.7 x 20.32 cm)
Black & White on White paper
182 pages
Sunbury Press, Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-1620067215
ISBN-10: 1620067218
BISAC: Fiction / Thrillers / Supernatural

Available only on Kindle

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PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla.Oct. 24, 2015PRLog — Sunbury Press has released Keith Rommel’s second installment about the Devil Tree entitledThe Devil Tree II: The Calling, a super-natural thriller.

tdt2_fcWhat drives someone to kill? Is it something within them, or an outside force that influences them?

One of Florida’s most overlooked serial killers (Gerard John Schaefer) wrought havoc along the Treasure Coast and Hutchinson Island in the 1970s. His reign of terror consisted of unspeakable acts of torture, rape, and murder by an ancient oak tree. He hanged people there, buried their bodies, and came back often to pillage what remained. It is believed that Schaefer’s evil seeped into the tree and surrounding area, leaving a blemish on the otherwise beautiful nature walk in Oak Hammock Park in Port Saint Lucie. When night descends around the tree, the atmosphere changes completely; hundreds of stories are offered up about personal experiences of a true-life haunting.

Continuing with the legend that is pulled into modern day, Satanists commune by the tree in honor of their fallen idol. Terrible things happen around the tree, which seems to have a certain allure to it . . . making peoplecommit unimaginable acts.

This sick and grizzly legend is so deep, so convoluted and wicked, you won’t believe what you read. Whatever you do, don’t visit the Devil Tree after dusk. You will never be the same. This is not just a blurb for the back of a book, but a warning from many people–including uniformed officers who have come forth to share their experiences at the tree. I have seen both confusion and truth in their eyes.

This is a must-read series for all Floridians and those intrigued by legends, the supernatural, and the occult.


tgt2_bandThe big oak tree remained firmly planted in the soil and blocked out the moonlight with its thick overhead canopy draped in Spanish moss. It towered there like a sentinel of bad omens with a history it didn’t ask for and a reputation it couldn’t shake.

A dozen people gathered around, all dressed in long black robes with silk, ropelike belts with tassels and red plastic masks to disguise their faces. Two from the group placed candles around the tree and one followed behind them, lighting the candles. The flicker of candlelight added to the eerie scene that had begun to play out.

Everyone backed away and two others stepped forward. Unlike the others, their masks were white with a bloody teardrop underneath the left eyehole. They brushed away the leaves and acorns that covered the forest floor, sat down on the cool ground, and set a Ouija board between them.

Gentle fingers rested on the planchette, the small, heart-shaped movable indicator, and everyone around remained perfectly quiet. Palpable tension hung in the air as if something wicked shushed everyone with the promise of something terrible to come. The onlookers waited while the two chosen ones who had been called forth spoke to the Ouija board. With that, the ritual had begun.

“We have come here and gathered for you, and we respectfully ask that you give us a sign of your presence,” a male voice said, muted by the mask without a mouth hole.

The planchette started to move slowly, without purpose, and the leaders stared at each other.

“Have you been expecting us?” the female said and shook her masked head.

The Devil Tree II: The Calling
Authored by Keith Rommel
List Price: $19.95
6″ x 9″ (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Black & White on White paper
202 pages
Sunbury Press, Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-1620066522
ISBN-10: 1620066521
BISAC: Fiction / Thrillers / Supernatural

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Sunbury Press has released Kyle Alexander Romine’s debut novel The Keeper of the Crows, a super-natural thriller.

tkotc_fcNo evil can remain buried forever, as disgraced journalist Thomas Brooks discovers when a wave of death grips the rural Kentucky town of Gray Hollow in terror.

Following a very public humiliation, Thomas is looking for a story to get him back on the map—and free of the small town newspaper where he serves out his exile. The apparent murder of a stranger seems to be just what the opportunistic reporter needs, until he discovers the death is merely the start of something bigger.

Also investigating the murder is Sheriff Jezebel Woods, who doesn’t approve of Thomas’ sensationalist intentions. Mounting deaths force the pair to set aside their differences to confront a force that threatens to destroy the entire town.

At the center of the mystery is the disappearance of a boy named Salem Alistair, who designed a series of grotesque scarecrows for his parents’ farm—scarecrows that are turning up at each subsequent crime scene. Thomas begins to doubt his uneasy alliance with the sheriff when he realizes Jezebel has her own secret history with Salem Alistair.

Thomas and Jezebel are completely unprepared to face the supernatural force at odds with Gray Hollow. As the killings continue, and the town slowly begins to yield its dark secrets, the truth will pit Thomas and Jezebel on a collision course with true evil.

back imageEXCERPT:
… Jeff hastily brought the aluminum can up to his lips and choked down the frothy liquid.

“Ugh,” he grunted. It was warm. The vehicle bounced over the gravel rocks, causing him to spill the remainder of the beer on his jacket. “Stupid truck,” he muttered as he glanced at the gas gauge. There was barely enough fuel to get back into town. Jeff hurled the empty can down on the floorboard and brought the vehicle to a halt. A rusty metal gate barred his entry to the farm. Jeff almost laughed when he saw the locks fastened around the wooden post.

Like anyone would want to break in here, he thought.

The sun waned above, casting an orange glow on the farm. An old barn stood nearly twenty feet beyond the fence. Like his truck, the barn’s red paint was faded, and planks of rotten wood contributed to a general state of disarray. A cornfield rested just outside the barn, with a small grassy hill overlooking the whole property. Jeff grabbed a cooler from the back of his truck and hoisted it over the gate adjoining the wooden fence. A wave of reluctance washed across him when he rested his hands on the cold metal. After hesitating, Jeff shook his head and yielded to the silent calling that prompted his return to the abandoned farm. It wasn’t like anyone was going to find him out here. The farm lay deserted since the last member of the Alistair family passed away almost twenty years ago. The government now owned the property. All the while the Alistair farm lingered in limbo, waiting. Waiting for him.

“Here goes nothing,” Jeff said before he began climbing over the fence. A blast of freezing wind sent a chill through him, but it was too late to turn back now. He trudged through thick piles of multi-hued leaves. Dusk was fast approaching over the October horizon. Jeff stared into the thick rows of corn. He remembered all too well what secret lay hidden within. That the corn would still be growing in an ordered pattern after all these years disturbed him for some reason. He caughtanother chill, this one not from the cool breeze.

The government probably planted them, he thought. Even as the words formed in his head, Jeff found the probability unlikely. He didn’t understand why the town would waste money by planting corn in an abandoned field. As he rounded the corner, Jeff spotted a dark figure in the cornfield. He nearly jumped out of his skin before realizing the figure wasn’t human. A stitched amalgamation of cloth and straw hung from a pole that towered above the rows.

“It’s just a scarecrow,” he said to himself, letting out a sigh of relief.

Kyle Alexander Romines is a teller of tales from the hills of Kentucky. He enjoys good reads, thunderstorms, and anything edible. The Keeper of the Crows is his first published book. His writing interests include fantasy, science fiction, horror, and western.

Kyle’s lifelong love of books began with childhood bedtime stories and was fostered by his parents and teachers. He grew up reading Calvin and Hobbes, RL Stine’s Goosebumps series, and Harry Potter. His current list of favorites includes Justin Cronin’s The Passage, Hard Country by Michael McGarrity, and Red Rising by Pierce Brown. The library is his friend.

Kyle discovered a passion for writing after graduating high school, which resulted in the completion of three novel length manuscripts before The Keeper of the Crows. These fledgling attempts at writing taught him a great deal, and since writing Keeper he has worked to continue honing his skills. He hopes to continue writing as long as he has stories to tell.

He is currently a medical student at the University of Louisville.

The Keeper of the Crows
Authored by Kyle Alexander Romines
List Price: $16.95
5.5″ x 8.5″ (13.97 x 21.59 cm)
Black & White on Cream paper
284 pages
Sunbury Press, Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-1620066461
ISBN-10: 1620066467
BISAC: Fiction / Occult & Supernatural

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MECHANICSBURG, Pa. — Sunbury Press has released Blue Lines Up In Arms, James Craig Atchison’s first novel, a detective thriller woven into a professional hockey setting.

Monica was at wits end. “Damn you, Ray Beck, you’re an auxiliary policeman. You can only do crowd control! Put the gun down!”

bluia_fcSent down nine-year National Hockey League veteran and well-known fox hunter Wavy Ray Beck, and Monica Reedy, the only female detective on the city force, are an unusual and engaging pair of crime fighters. And all is fair in both love and war as they work together to stop an international crime wave bleeding into everyday Pennsylvania.

While Ray searches for a path back to the Stanley Cup Play Offs, Detective Reedy’s search for a downtown window smasher leads the two of them to discover an enterprising high-tech car-theft ring as well as an underground gambling ring, both being orchestrated by an old world crime family rooted in Brooklyn.

The underhanded takeover of a local coal company, plus a disarming real estate gambit, also adds to this story of history, mystery, danger, and chaos.

And, oh my, this naughty pair in love – “Now that I’ve found that spot, Reeds, I’m going to look for another letter.”

The puck drops here. Enjoy!

The moon was a celestial banana. Visibility above a hundred feet was zero until interrupted by a star. A yellow haze surrounded each streetlight straining to cast vision for anything alive at three-thirty AM. It was early April with moisture in the air. Silence was in charge.

This wasn’t a very big one so the sound wouldn’t travel far. But it would be heard a long way. Now it stood with winter salt still visible in streaks. FOR LEASE resting in its middle was tattered.

The rusted sign above said The Watering Hole. It would be tonight’s sacrifice and tomorrow’s news.

There were brethren yet to come. And more parts to the puzzle.

In a visceral way this was actually fun. And necessary.

If the dream is to come true, dreams of others must not.

The brick was jagged on one side. A dribble of mortar gripped a corner. But it would sail as directed and arrive as planned on the hyphen between Nichols and Deering.

Glass rained as a heavy whoosh of stale air escaped its former coffin of a scarred floor and bare walls.

James Craig Atchison is a recovering advertising man who found the giver within while teaching English and Social Studies in public school and earning both MEd and MA Creative Writing degrees from WilkesUniversity, the latter founded in both fiction and playwriting. Combining his love for crime fiction as well as the sport of ice hockey, Blue Lines Up In Arms represents the maiden effort in his plannedBlue Lines series. He resides in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. For more information, see ​his website at http://www.jamescraigatchison.com

Blue Lines Up In Arms
Authored by James Craig Atchison
List Price: $16.95
5.5″ x 8.5″ (13.97 x 21.59 cm)
Black & White on White paper
244 pages
Sunbury Press, Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-1620066430
ISBN-10: 1620066432
BISAC: Fiction / Sports

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TYRONE, Pa. — Sunbury Press has released The Politics of Prevailing: Lessons in Public School Superintendence 1971-2013, Dr. William N. Miller’s memoir of his experiences as superintendent of the Tyrone Area School District.

tpop_fcAbout The Author:
Dr. William N. Miller was selected Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators 2013 Superintendent of the Year. Previously, he received the Pennsylvania School Study Council’s 2012 William Caldwell Excellence in Administration and Supervision Award, was honored as the 2007 PARSS Rural Educator of the Year, and was lauded in 2006 with the University Council of Education Excellence (UCEE) Educational Leadership Award. He earned his B.S. from Shippensburg University and Masters and Doctorate of Educational Administration in 1969 at The Pennsylvania State University after completing doctoral course work at Harvard, The University of Chicago, and New York University. He has served as Adjunct-Professor at the graduate level at Penn State’s University Park campus and as Guest Lecturer at Saint Francis University. In addition, he has presented numerous statewide seminars on issues as diverse as educator sexual misconduct to the needs of gifted students.

What Others Are Saying:
“Dr. Miller, based on his extraordinary career serving 42-years as a school district superintendent in one school district, shares “better than fiction” stories he experienced throughout his distinguished career in which he persevered to transform the district into a high-performing, highly efficient model that other superintendents, boards and district leaders should learn from and replicate.” Jim Buckheit, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators

“A compelling and interesting presentation of the high and low points of one man’s lengthy and crisis driven career in public education. A good read.” Joseph F. Bard, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Association of Rural and Small Schools

“There is no greater supporter of equal opportunity for ALL children in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania than Bill Miller.” Arnold Hillman, Pennsylvania Association of Rural and Small Schools

“This is a personal, hard-hitting reflection on the vast array of experiences encountered by Dr. Miller during his more than 40 years in the Tyrone Area School System. Dr. Miller takes the reader through the exhaustive and sometimes contentious situations that he faced with all phases of the educational system-school boards, politicians the general public, parents, students, teachers and the teacher’s union, A must read for all who are interested in becoming a public school superintendent!” Frank Rosenhoover, retired PSEA UniServ Rep

The Politics of Prevailing presents an illuminating and real-world review of the many challenges faced by school administrators, as well the challenges confronting our education system generally. Dr. Miller provides a unique perspective, through his and his father’s many years of service to the Tyrone Area School District and the obstacles they faced during their tenure, and he offers insights into effective leadership that make a fascinating read not only for school administrators, but for all of us who care about the issues that arise in our schools and how those issues should be addressed,” Michael J, Betts, Betts Law Office LLC, Pittsburgh, PA

“An insightful look into the world of a long-term successful superintendent, Dr. Miller doesn’t pull any punches when relating encounters with difficult individuals and the problems they’ve created for schools, and he’s very forthcoming describing the principles and strategies he has employed to overcome them. A refreshing and enlightening account for experienced and aspiring superintendents alike.” Dr. William T. Hartman, Professor of Education, Pennsylvania State University

“This writing is a concise account of the long tenure of an effective and respected superintendent. It is not an account of research-driven higher education, but rather it opens the door to a talented human being working in that often overwhelming role of public school leader. The author, Dr. William Miller, is that long-tenured and often-tested superintendent. This writing can guide new and veteran school leaders to patience and to a better practice of complex school leadership,” Dr. Lawrence Weiss, Executive Director , Pennsylvania School Study Council, Pennsylvania State University

The Politics of Prevailing is an insightful reflection of a very successful, but challenging superintendence. Dr. William Miller “prevailed” throughout a forty-two year tenure by recognizing early on that public education in our democracy is a political endeavor. Developing political savvy as he navigated through a myriad of challenges he held tenaciously to his core values and his focus on what was most important to the children he served. His writing style is very much that of narrative story-telling, as he shares the episodes of many years as a successful superintendent and encapsulates them in a series of lessons learned.” Dr. Brian M. Small, Executive Director Shippensburg University School Study Council

Included in this volume:
Eat Humble Pie
Ditch the Desk
Read the Motive
Protect the Kids
Know Your ABC’s: Athletics, Band, and Chorus
Beware of Religion and Politics
Value Free Expression
“Kill” a Lawyer and Other Ways to Save a Buck
Pester the Politicians
Negotiate Wisely
Massage the Politics of Transition

The Politics of Prevailing: Lessons in Public School Superintendence 1971-2013
Authored by William N. Miller
List Price: $24.95
6″ x 9″ hardcover
Black & White on White paper
168 pages
Sunbury Press, Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-1620066232
BISAC: Education / Administration

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SUNBURY, Pa. — Sunbury Press has released The Penns’ Manor of Spread Eagle and the Grist Mills of the Mahantongo Valley, Steve Troutman further expands upon the history of Pennsylvania’s bucolic Mahantongo Valley, delving into the story of the various mills in the area and the first African-American family to settle there.

km_fcIncluded in this volume:
• Spread Eagle Manor and the Establishment of Klingerstown and the Klingerstown Grist Mill
• The Klingerstown Mill
• The Mills of the Upper Mahantongo Valley
• The Simmy Family—An African American Pioneer Family in the Mahantongo Valley

The Penns’ Manor of Spread Eagle and the Grist Mills of the Upper Mahantongo Valley: Including The African American Simmy Family Heritage
Authored by Steve E Troutman
List Price: $19.95
8.5″ x 11″ (21.59 x 27.94 cm)
Black & White on White paper
336 pages
Sunbury Press, Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-1620067154
ISBN-10: 1620067153
BISAC: History / United States / State & Local / Middle Atlantic

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MECHANICSBURG, Pa. — Sunbury Press has released the bestsellers list for September, 2015. Dr. William N. Miller took the top spot with his education memoir “The Politics of Prevailing.” Dr. Edward Rubin’s Cli-Fi novel “The Heatstroke Line” led fiction in 3rd place. Darla Henry’s “3-5-7 Model” was 2nd.

SUNBURY PRESS – Bestsellers for September, 2015 (by Revenue)
Rank Last Month Title Author Category
1 NEW The Politics of Prevailing William N Miller Education
2 The 3-5-7 Model Darla Henry Counseling
3 NEW The Heatstroke Line Edward Rubin Climate Fiction
4 4 Capital Murder Chris Papst Investigation
5 5 Where Elephants Fought Bridget Smith Historical Fiction
6 11 Call Sign Dracula Joe Fair War Memoir
7 NEW The Alabaster Jar Marie Sontag YA Fiction
8 3 The Segregated Georgia School for the Deaf Ron Knorr & Clemmie Whatley History
9 NEW The Penns’ Manor of Spread Eagle and the Grist Mills of the Upper Mahantongo Valley Steve Troutman History
10 The Sign of the Eagle Jess Steven Hughes Historical Fiction
11 Murder Run Shelly Frome Murder Mystery
12 19 Raising Monarchs Sue Fox McGovern Nature
13 10 Dead of Summer Sherry Knowlton Murder Mystery
14 The Wolf of Britannia Part II Jess Steven Hughes Historical Fiction
15 The Wolf of Britannia Part I Jess Steven Hughes Historical Fiction
16 7 The B Team Alan Mindell Sports Fiction
17 A Brother’s Cold Case Dennis Herrick Murder Mystery
18 12 Winter of the Metal People Dennis Herrick Historical Fiction
19 Head Over Wheels Ken Mercurio Medical Memoir
20 26 That Night at Surigao Ernie Marshall History
21 Beagle Tales 5 Bob Ford Humor
22 15 The Bronze Dagger Marie Sontag YA Fiction
23 Dead of Autumn Sherry Knowlton Murder Mystery
24 Beagle Tales 4 Bob Ford Humor
25 9 The Closer Alan Mindell Sports Fiction
26 Courting Doubt and Darkness J M West Murder Mystery
27 Dying for Vengeance J M West Murder Mystery
28 1 Jesus the Phoenician Karim El Koussa Religious History
29 14 Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last Mike Campbell History
30 18 Pit Bulls Anthony Julian History

tpop_fcSales for the 3rd quarter just ended were nearly double sales in Q3 of 2014. EBooks were down about 10% over the same quarterly period. Hardcover sales are up 10x from Q3 2014. Year-to-date, sales are up over 92% from 2014. Comparing Septembers, sales were nearly 1.5x higher, year-over-year. The company is expecting its best 4th quarter ever.

Dr. William Miller’s “The Politics of Prevailing” rocketed to the top thanks to advance sales. Darla Henry’s “The 3-5-7 Model” placed due to orders for conferences in Canada. “The Heatstroke Line,” Dr. Edward Rubin’s first novel is pioneering in the “Cli-Fi” category, burning up to #3 due to author activities. Chris Papst’s “Capital Murder” held at #4 as the author appeared on numerous radio programs nationwide. Bridget Smith’s historical novel “Where Elephants Fought” stuck at #5 thanks to author appearances in Mississippi. “Call Sign Dracula,” the Vietnam memoir by Joe Fair, moved up again to #6 thanks to author appearances at veterans events. Marie Sontag’s new historical YA novel, “The Alabaster Jar,” debuted at #7 due to author appearances at schools. It’s prequel, “The Bronze Dagger,” also charted at #22. “The Segregated Georgia School for he Deaf,” by professors Ron Knorr and Clemmie Whatley of Mercer University, slid to #8, but continues to sell steadily. “The Penns’ Manor of Spread Eagle and the Grist Mills of the Upper Mahantongo Valley” by Steve Troutman ground to #9 thanks to advance orders. Jess Steven Hughes’ three novels: “The Sign of the Eagle” (#10), “The Wolf of Britannia Part II (#14), and “The Wolf of Britannia Part I” (#15) marched onto three spots on the chart in tandem with author appearances in Washington and Oregon. Shelly Frome’s recently-released “Murder Run” vaulted to #11 prior to author appearances in North Carolina. “Raising Monarchs,” Sue Fox McGovern’s instructions on saving these disappearing butterlies, flitted to #12 due to sales to bookstores. Sherry thsl_fcKnowlton’s “Dead of Summer” (#13), and “Dead of Autumn” (#23) held two spots thanks to author appearances. Alan Mindell’s sports novels The B Team (#16) and The Closer (#25) perservered thanks to continued interest in the author’s new website and blog and his appearance schedule. Dennis Herrick was another author with two books on the chart: “A Brother’s Cold Case” #17 and “Winter of the Metal People” next in line at #18. Dennis continues his appearance schedule in New Mexico. Ken Mercurio’s “Head Over Wheels” flipped back onto the chart at #19. Ernie Marshall’s account of the last conflict between battleships, That Night at Surigao, was #20, thanks to author activity. Bob Ford nabbed two spots with his hilarious “Beagle Tales 5” at #21, and “Beagle Tales 4” at #24. J M West also doubled with “Courting Doubt and Darkness” at #26, and “Dying for Vengeance” at #27. “Jesus the Phoenician,” Kareem El Koussa’s controversial history of the Son of God, held on the list at #28 as his US tour ebbed. Two mainstays, Mike Campbell’s “Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last, ” and Anthony Julian’s “Pit Bulls” continued their streaks on the chart at #29 and #30 respectively.

The company released eight new titles during the month of September.

SUNBURY PRESS – New Releases for September, 2015
Ionica Catalina Petcov Biography
The Heatstroke Line Edwin Rubin Climate Fiction
White River Monster IV Keith Rommel Thriller Fiction
White River Monster V Keith Rommel Thriller Fiction
White River Monster VI Keith Rommel Thriller Fiction
The Alabaster Jar Marie Sontag YA Fiction
Hairy Men in Caves Marlin Bressi History
High Passes John Timmerman Western

For a list of Sunbury’s best-sellers, please see the Sunbury Press web site:
For a complete list of recent and upcoming releases, please see:

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